Design Guideline:

Image Types:
You can upload any jpeg or png image to put on your shirt. We recommend to upload png file types as they have a transparent background.

Image Size:
Make sure you upload LARGE images!  To cover the width of a medium t-shirt, an image should be at least 1200 pixels wide.  If you are not having to shrink your uploaded image during the design, they are probably too small. Small images might look fine on your screen but they will pixelate when we print them bigger.

Images you upload must be at least 500px wide and at least 500px in height.

Image you upload may not exceed 4500px in width and 4500px in height.

Video Tutorial:

T-Shirt Pricing

Front Print OnlyWhite or GreyR249
Front Print OnlyAny other colourR289
Back Print OnlyWhite or GreyR249
Back Print OnlyAny other colourR289
Front & Back PrintWhite or GreyR299
Front & Back PrintAny other colourR339

Hoodie Pricing

Front Print OnlyGreyR459
Front Print OnlyAny other colourR499
Back Print OnlyGreyR459
Back Print OnlyAny other colourR499
Front & Back PrintGreyR499
Front & Back PrintAny other colourR539