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How it Works

Refer visitors to us and when they shop, you earn commission! 

When signing up to our affiliate program, you are able to create links to our site (or use some of our creative banners) which will track the traffic you refer to us.  When someone purchases anything with us, we track this to your affiliate account and you earn commission on that sale.

An Example:  Jessica signs up to our affiliate program and creates a link which identifies the traffic she refers.  Jessica create a post on FaceBook and uses that link to refer traffic to us.  Alex is checking his FaceBook and sees the link Jessica has sent.  He clicks on it and buys R600 worth of goods.  Jessica gets an email alert to tell her that one of her referrals has just purchased.  At 12%, Jessica has now earned R72 for the purchase Alex has made.

affiliate program side banner

Affiliates have access to their own dashboard to allow them to create links, use graphic creatives, track traffic, sales and commissions:

Example - Creating Links

affiliate link creating

Dashboard Screenshots

dashboard example 1
dashboard example 2

Banner Examples

All Affiliates have access to our pre-created banners which will automatically track traffic coming from these banners:


Once you’ve signed up for our referral program, your dashboard view will allow you to create links or use our pre-made banners.  You can share these links or banners anywhere (a website, social media, etc).

Your referrals will be tracked for 30 days so even if they don’t buy immediately, they could still buy with a month and you’ll be earning the referral commission.

Each affiliate has an affiliate dashboard which shows them all the traffic which has come through to us, from where this traffic originated, the conversion rates and the commissions earned.  Everything is live, immediate and transparent.  We will also send you notifications as sales are made from the traffic you referred.

Nope, absolutely no costs to join the JuiceBubble affiliate program.  You simply earn commissions on the sales you make and we pay you for that.

Nope, there are no minimums or maximums.  You can refer as much or as little traffic and sales to us as you wish.

No, there is no limit on the commission you can earn.

We pay our affiliates monthly, on or before the 7th of each month for the earnings of the previous month.  So for example, if you have accumilated R3000 in commissions for the month of July, you will be paid the R3000 on or before the 7th of August.  After you’ve registered your Affiliate Account, we will email you to request your banking details to which we’ll pay commissions.

All our designs are printed on high quality cotton T-shirts using a professional (and very expensive) direct to garment (DTG) printer or vinyl.