Your clothes might not last as long as they used to when mommy dearest did the washing, but there is hope and help on the horizon. We’ve put together ‘4 tips on how to care for your T-shirts’ so your JuiceBubble Tee stays in shape and full of colour.

T-shirt caring tips:

Wash Gently: The safest way to wash your tee is to hand wash it in lukewarm water using a hand wash detergent.  While this might be excessive, washing your garment on the delicate cycle in your washing machine is another way to really care for your favourite JuiceBubble T-shirt.

Avoid the dryer: Excessive heat can be damaging to your tees. Hanging your shirt out to dry away from sunlight (indoors) is the best method of preserving your T-shirt. If you just can’t spare the time however, place it in direct sunlight but make sure to turn the shirt inside out when in the sun.

Use the right Detergents: It’s preferred to use gentle hand washing detergents. It probably goes without saying but do your best to avoid chlorine-based cleaners, or bleach. If you do find yourself with stains, try to use more sophisticated cleaners which use oxygen-based technologies.

Ironing T-shirts: Do not ever ever ever ever, ever and some more ever iron on the designs/prints of your T-shirt. Always iron around the prints to get that crisp look.

Using the above T-shirt caring tips will certainly prolong the life of your JuiceBubble T-shirts but if you don’t mind shortening the life-cycle of your T-shirt and just buy more frequently…we’ll be here. See you in the store!